ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs)

Standing committee responsible for implementing an action plan to reduce access to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Activities relate to policy and law education and enforcement. Present strategies include, but are not limited to, Party Crashers, Environmental Scan, Medication Collection Programs. 

Opiate Addiction:

A Guide for Communities

Alcohol Serve Knowledge (A.S.K):

A.S.K is a free program designed for liquor permit holders and their employees. Agents from the Ohio Investigative Unit provide instruction on laws pertaining to the sale and/or consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Agents also cover topics such as false identification, employment of minors, along with penalties for those found in violation. (Add six-step ID check picture and dates)

Compliance Checks:


A compliance check is a tool to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth and are completed by law enforcement.  Compliance checks can be used for two purposes:  to enforce state criminal statutes, local administrative ordinances, or both; and to identify, warn, and educate alcohol establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage youth.

Medication Take-Back Boxes:


The Prevention Partnership Coalition has placed four medication take-back boxes at locations across the county.  The locations include Bellevue, Clyde, Fremont, Gibsonburg, and Woodville Police Departments, as well as the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office. Residents should bring their unused, unwanted and expired medication bottles and OTC medicines to the stations and drop them into the box for collection.

Deterra Drug Deactivation Pouches are available for pick up at Sandusky County Public Health Offices.  With Deterra, the process of deactivation starts immediately, but it takes time to complete. Some highly soluble drugs will dissolve and adsorb rapidly, while other less soluble drug types will take longer to dissolve and adsorb. The deactivation period varies based on volume and type of medication. As an additional safety precaution, it is important to keep Deterra out of the reach of children and pets as the medication is deactivated.

For more information on how to prevent theft and abuse of prescription medication, click here.

Tobacco Prevention:


Stand Up Speak Out Against Tobacco (Stand)Stand is an integrated youth-led campaign that relies on young voices to lead and carry the stand up speak out against tobacco message across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels using different promotional methods to reinforce each other.

Sandusky County STAND Presentation

Sandusky County Public Health can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an after-hours public health emergency. 

After hours call the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 419-334-6433 and ask to speak to a Public Health Official.

Public health emergencies could include:

An immediate environmental health hazard (e.g. drinking water contamination)

An infectious disease of immediate public health concern

(a Class A reportable disease, which requires disease reporters to contact the health department immediately by phone)