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Household Sewage

Private Septic Systems


This program involves permitting and inspecting for household sewage systems of 1, 2, and 3 family dwellings. Inspections include location, type, and installation of new, replacement, and altered systems. Additional inspections include new surveys for possible building sites, sewage nuisance complaints, and annual aeration sewage system monitoring. Existing sewage systems are inspected for real estate transactions. Private sewage system contractors are registered to do work in Sandusky County.

Informative Household Sewage Packet

Flood Events & Your Sewage System


To install a private septic system, you need:

Home Sewage Treatment System Application

To abandon a private septic system, you need:

System Abandonment Application


To find a registered sewage system installer, soil evaluator, system designer, or septage hauler in Sandusky County

check the following listings:

Service Providers

Registered Installers

Soil Evaluators

Designers for Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Septage Haulers

Ohio Department of Health Sewage Treatment Systems:

Sandusky County HSTS Funding Program:

HSTS Information Sheet

HSTS Application

Updated on 9/17/2023

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