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Communicable Diseases

The purpose of this program is the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the community. A communicable, or infectious, disease is an illness spread by coming in contact with someone or something that is infected with a bacteria, virus, or parasite.


These illnesses can be passed from person (or animal) to person through direct contact with body fluids, ingesting contaminated food or water, breathing contaminated air, or by the bite of an infected animal. 


Examples include hepatitis, salmonella, measles, and rabies.

What diseases are reportable?

A complete list of reportable diseases in Ohio can be found here:

The regulations for disease reporting appear in the Ohio Administrative Code:

How are diseases reported? 

Laboratories, hospitals, physicians, and other health professionals send reports to the health department. Reports may be securely faxed to 419-334-6380.

The reporting form can be found here.

What does the health department do with the reports?

All disease reports are reviewed by the health department. Some disease reports are only for statistical purposes, but many require that we contact the person to try to determine the source of infection and prevent further spread. All reported information is kept confidential.

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