Sandusky County Public Health can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an after-hours public health emergency. 

Public health emergencies could include:

An immediate environmental health hazard (e.g. drinking water contamination)

An infectious disease of immediate public health concern

(a Class A reportable disease, which requires disease reporters to contact the health department immediately by phone)

Health Partners

Mission: To monitor and improve the health status of Sandusky County residents.


Vision: Healthy People living in Healthy Communities.


In 1993, Health Partners was formed with a group of Health Organization CEO’s in Sandusky County. The focus was to determine health needs and to work cooperatively to address those needs. Health Partners has evolved to include many community groups and organizations all dedicated to determining the true health needs of Sandusky County residents. Members contribute to the group to ensure the continued work of community health assessment.


In order to assure we have the best available data, comprehensive health assessments are conducted every four years. In 2010, Health Partners also initiated the first county-wide assessment in the nation of children ages 0-11. Health Partners has long understood the importance of looking at the needs of our most vulnerable population--our children. Data from this assessment and the most recent adult and youth assessment were compiled to release the first Sandusky County Complete Community Health Assessment (see link below).


Representatives of Health Partners meet the first Wednesday of every other month at 11:30am, at the Sandusky County Health Department.


Bellevue Hospital

Community Health Services

Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services

Fremont City School District

ProMedica Memorial Hospital

Mental Health and Recovery Services Board/SSW

Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Sandusky County Family & Children First Council

Sandusky County Health Department

United Way of Sandusky County
WSOS Community Action Commission