Tobacco Cessation

Sandusky County Health Department aims to make tobacco cessation services available to all tobacco users, including the uninsured, Medicaid enrollees, pregnant women, and Ohioans insured by commercial carriers and other payers.

Tobacco users may either contact the Health Department directly or be referred to by a health care provider, community agency, or business. Tobacco users will be assigned to a specific cessation service, such as individual or group cessation counseling, based on their needs. This program also conducts relapse management services by keeping in touch with referred individuals to ensure that their tobacco cessation needs are being met and to assist them in finding other cessation services if needed.


This program provides referral and cessation services to all tobacco users, with a special focus on subgroups who have a higher probability of tobacco use and/or poor health outcomes associated with tobacco use. These subgroups include low income individuals, members of racial and ethnic minority groups (e.g. Hispanic/Latino, African-American), pregnant women, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and people with mental health or substance use disorders.

For information about quitting call 419-334-6366, and ask for Jamie Belcher.

Sandusky County Public Health can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an after-hours public health emergency. 

After hours call the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 419-334-6433 and ask to speak to a Public Health Official.

Public health emergencies could include:

An immediate environmental health hazard (e.g. drinking water contamination)

An infectious disease of immediate public health concern

(a Class A reportable disease, which requires disease reporters to contact the health department immediately by phone)