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Private Water Systems

Sandusky County Environmental Health division inspects and permits private water systems. Inspections include location, installation, and safety of the drinking water. Water samples are taken upon request to identify possible contaminants in private water systems including; bacteria, minerals, etc. The state of Ohio has a register of private water system contractors.


Private Water Systems Information Packet

Disinfection Fact Sheet for Flooded Drinking Water Wells

To submit an application for a private water system:

Application Form

To disinfect your well, you will need:

Chlorination instructions for Homeowners

ODH Chlorination Instructions


To submit a Well Completion Form:

Well Completion Form


To request a water sample of your private water system:

Water Sample Request Form


To understand your sample results:

Nitrates and Nitrites, answers to FAQ

Treatment Technologies for Removing Nitrates in drinking water

Coliform Bacteria Fact Sheet

Microbiological Standards

E. coli FAQ


To find a registered well drillers:

Private Water Contractors


To find out how deep, old, or flow of your well, visit:

For an interpretation of your water sample results visit:

Updated on 9/17/2023

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