Help Me Grow/Early Intervention
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Prenatal Support - Assistance for expecting mothers

Sandusky County Help Me Grow Home Visitors can assist expecting mothers by providing them with in-home health and prenatal education information.  


Help Me Grow Home Visitors can also assist expecting mothers in identifying and establishing a medical home/provider, as well as assist them in accessing other community resources/programs if necessary.

Help at Home​

Home Visitation – Providing services in the comfort of your home

Home Visiting is a component Sandusky County Help Me Grow that provides direct services to expectant, first time mothers/fathers, whose baby is less than six months of age.  Information regarding child health/development, safety and literacy is also part of the developmental curriculum used by home Visitors during your home visits.

Sandusky County Help Me Grow Home Visiting strives to: 

Familiarize parents with the present and future needs of their children.

Children receive proper medical care. 

Provide parents with ongoing support for the continuing challenges of parenting.

Encourage parents to utilize community resources and services.

Early Intervention​

Developmental Concerns – Early Identification of infants and toddlers

Services for children with developmental concerns are a component of Sandusky County Health Department’s Early Childhood Programs that works closely with various providers to offer early identification and family-centered services to infant and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.  This service ensures that children receive appropriate medical care and encourages parents to utilize community resources and services.  Families are assisted with understanding the present and future needs of their children.

Services Include:​
  • Nutrition services

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Psychological services

  • Speech-language pathology and audiology services

  • Vision Services

  • Developmental screenings, evaluations and ongoing assessments

  • Assistive Technology

  • Social Work services

  • Other specialized services facilitated by the family’s Service Coordinator

Help Me Grow/Early Intervention is Ohio’s birth to 3 statewide FREE program designed to ensure Ohio's children receive a healthy birth and productive start to life.  

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Call us Today!

Sandusky County Public Health can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an after-hours public health emergency. 

After hours call the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 419-334-6433 and ask to speak to a Public Health Official.

Public health emergencies could include:

An immediate environmental health hazard (e.g. drinking water contamination)

An infectious disease of immediate public health concern

(a Class A reportable disease, which requires disease reporters to contact the health department immediately by phone)