Medication Safety

The Prevention Partnership Coalition would like to remind you to follow these guidelines to keep your family and yourself safe around medications:
Safe Use
  • Use medication as prescribed

  • Avoid sharing medications

  • Know the name and purpose of your medication

  • Report any side effects to your physician or pharmacists

  • Understand the interactions with other medications

Safe Storage
  • Keep track of your medication and check expiration

  • Keep medications stored securely/locked box if possible

  • Keep out of reach of children/pets

  • Keep in the original container

  • Keep lids tightly closed

Safe Disposal
  • Promptly dispose of unused or expired medications

  • Avoid disposing medications in the trash

  • Avoid flushing medication down the toilet

  • Utilize local Drop Box locations

  • Utilize medication disposal pouches

Take It To The Box


Take It To The Box is a permanent medication and drug disposal program which accepts unused, unwanted, unneeded, and expired over-the-counter-and prescription medications.


When dropping off medication:

  • Remove or black out the personal information on the label and leave it in the original package or container

  • Drop off pills only

  • no syringes, no liquids.

 Drop off Locations

Bellevue Police Department

3000 Seneca Industrial Pkwy.

Bellevue, OH 44811



Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office

2323 Countryside Dr.

Fremont, OH 43420


Clyde Police Department

222 N. Main St.

Clyde, OH 43410 



Gibsonburg Police Department

214 W. Madison St.

Gibsonburg, OH 43431


Fremont Police Department

1141 W. State St.

Fremont, OH 43420



Woodville Police Department

219 W. Main St.

Woodville, OH 43469

Monday- Friday 9:00am-4:30pm

Deterra Drug Deactivation Pouches

Deterra Drug Deactivation Pouches are available for pick up at the Sandusky County Public Health Office.

Deactivates Pills, Patches, and Liquid


When using these pouches please follow these instructions:

  • Tear open pouch and place medication inside

  • Fill pouch halfway with warm water and wait 30 seconds

  • Seal pouch tightly, gently shake, and dispose in normal trash



With Deterra, the process of deactivation starts immediately, but it takes time to complete. Some highly soluble drugs will dissolve and adsorb rapidly, while other less soluble drug types will take longer to dissolve and adsorb. The deactivation period varies based on volume and type of medication. As an additional safety precaution, it is important to keep Deterra out of the reach of children and pets.

For more information on how to prevent theft and abuse of prescription medication, click here