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Request a Naloxone (Narcan®) Kit 

Naloxone (NARCAN®) by Mail

To receive a free naloxone (Narcan®) kit by online mail order, please complete a Naloxone Kit Request Form. Allow 5-7 days for processing. The kit will be mailed to the address provided on the request form.


Click on the link below to access the request form. You will be redirected to Survey Monkey to complete the form. 

Request a Naloxone (Narcan) Kit Here

If you do not have to ability to complete the form online, please contact the staff of the Sandusky County Public Health at 419-334-6377 or email

Naloxone (NARCAN®) by Appointment

An appointment for a free kit can be scheduled by contacting Sandusky County Public Health staff at 419-334-6377 during business hours (Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays) or send an e-mail to Sandusky County Public Health is located at 2000 Countryside Drive, Fremont, OH 43420.

Appointment may take up to 30 minutes and includes training on:

•    Recognizing the signs and symptoms of overdose
•    Performing rescue breathing
•    Calling emergency medical services
•    Administering Narcan®/naloxone intranasally (through the nose/nostril)

Requirements to obtain a free kit by appointment: 

•    Person requesting the kit must be present at the appointment
•    Complete the required program request form
•    Watch the Naloxone Project Dawn training video
•    Review contents of the kit with staff and ask questions if needed

Resources image.png

Project DAWN – (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) — is a community-based overdose education and naloxone distribution program in the state of Ohio. For more information on Project DAWN & a listing of resources in Ohio, click here:

Harm Reduction Ohio is an organization that supports drug policies based on science, health, compassion and human rights. The organization is legally authorized to distribute naloxone in Ohio. For more information, click here:

If you do not live in Ohio and in need of a naloxone kit, please visit this link for possible resources in the United States:

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, visit the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties website at for community resources   


If you have questions or would like more information on the Save A Life Naloxone Program, please contact Sandusky County Public Health staff at 419-334-6377 or send an email to

Updated on 2/15/23

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