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Active Living

Multi-Use Trail Improvements and Enhancements

In 2015, CHC purchased destination signs for each of the 12 trailhead location of the North Coast Inland Trail. Trail etiquette signs, trash cans, and bike racks were also purchased to enhance the trail and to encourage physical activity.

2015 Trail Assessment Survey Results

Street Play Saturday

In June of 2017, the CHC Coalition held their second open streets initiative called Street Play Saturday. During Street Play Saturday, streets are closed to vehicle traffic and transformed into a giant street park. This initiative strengthens community, and provides people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to come out and improve their personal health. Join us on September 16th, 2017 for our next Street Play Saturday. Check in at the information booth at the intersection of Front Street and Birchard Avenue to sign in and pick up a route map.

Street Play Saturday Evaluation

Check out Street Play Saturday on Facebook here!

Active Transportation

Active transportation — walking, biking and busing — is healthy, fun and an easy way to get around. Sandusky County CHC works with representatives from diverse sectors to make engaging in active transportation easier, safer, and more enjoyable for all Sandusky County residents. 


Your Move is a joint effort of the Ohio Department of Transportation and Health to encourage Ohioans to choose active transportation and to make it safer for everyone who uses Ohio’s roads.


How We Roll

Our How We Roll rides offer an on-road experiential learning opportunity in which participants learn bike law and practice positioning themselves on the road for maximum visibility and predictability. These free rides are available to small groups of 2-5 people. Contact Ride Leader, Allison Thomas to schedule a ride.

How We Roll Information Flyer

Complete Streets

Our CHC program offers technical assistance to communities interested in making streets safe, comfortable, and convenient for people of all ages and abilities to travel by foot, bike, transit, and car.


Complete Streets Fact Sheet

Complete Streets Workshop

Active Commute Support

Many people want to exercise, but find it hard to squeeze it into a busy schedule.  Building it into the day by walking or biking to work makes it an easy way to improve health and well-being.  And, it saves people money.

The Sandusky County Creating Healthy Communities Program is working with local businesses to support a healthy commutes to work. CHC will assist worksites with implementing different educational, encouragement, and engineering components that support active commutes.

Examples of these strategies include:

  • Making bicycle safety skills information easily available in the company’s intranet, newsletters, bulletin boards, and even in the hiring packet and orientation.

  • Sharing bike safety tip cards.

  • Providing education for people who drive to increase safety for bicyclist on the road.

  • Assisting employees with developing a low traffic bike route to work.

  • Promoting organized bike rides, bike events and walking events that are available in the community.

  • Sharing maps of bike/walking paths and routes in Sandusky County.

  • Providing incentives for bicycling or walking.

  • Secure, convenient and high-quality bike parking for employees and guests.

  • Fix it Station with tools, supplies and a work stand for employees to make adjustments, fill up their tires.

  • Designating showers, lockers, and changing areas for employees.

In 2016, CHC is working with the Village Administrator of Gibsonburg to increase support for active commutes.

Development Plan for Active Transportation

The Development Plan for Active Transportation for Sandusky County was a collaboration between a group of 18 individuals and organizations. The vision of this plan is to expand the existing trail system within the County and create an environment where walking and bicycling are safe, convenient, viable transportation or recreation option for residents of all ages and skill levels. The desire also exists to expand this effort by providing connections to neighboring counties and encourage active transportation beyond Sandusky County.

Active Transportation Plan


City of Fremont Map

Sandusky County Map

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