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All restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, micro-markets, temporary units, mobile units, schools, and many other food-selling facilities operating within Sandusky County must be licensed and inspected by the Environmental Health Specialists from the Environmental Health Division of the Sandusky County Public Health Department. These inspections are performed to prevent foodborne illnesses. To achieve this, the inspectors ensure the food is sourced from approved sources, stored, prepared, and served safely and correctly. They also check that the establishments and equipment are clean and that the employees practice good personal hygiene - all of which align with the CDC's five risk factors.

All food establishments are required to adhere to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, available here:


The Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) at SCPH conduct a variety of activities in addition to food inspections. They issue temporary and mobile food licenses, approve plans for new and renovated food-related facilities, investigate outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, and monitor food-related complaints and violations. The primary objective at SCPH is to ensure the public's safety through these activities. EHS also strive to educate facility owners on the proper procedures that must be followed to achieve this goal.


Foodborne illness poses a grave threat to public health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 76 million people in the United States experience vomiting and diarrhea yearly due to consuming contaminated, mishandled, or spoiled food. The primary objective of the Food Safety Program, under the Environmental Health Division of SCPH, is to mitigate the risk of foodborne diseases by conducting inspections, imparting education, and enforcing regulations.


Food Inspection Reports

Temporary Food Requirements

Temporary Foods Application

Application for a license to conduct a vending machine location

Food License Application


For a new operation, you will need:

Facility Layout and Equipment Packet


Plan Review Application


To see Ohio’s Food Code for yourself:

Ohio Food Code (3717-1 OAC)


To view the national food recall list and find food safety tips, check out:

Mobile Food Requirements

Mobile Food Requirements Document

Cottage Food Requirements

Cottage Food Requirements Document




ServSafe is a program dedicated to teaching proper ways of handling food.

There are 3 different courses available.

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Food Safety Classes


National Restaurant Association (Online Course):

-For ServSafe Managers

-For ServSafe Food Handler: &

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Updated on 10/25/23

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